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Looking for a Carpenter for Historic Home

Asked by Jill Ferrari at 8:34am on Jan 6 2017

We need a carpenter who can build and install built-in shelves around our fireplace. We have a 1923 Arts and Crafts home with a batchelder tile fireplace. So, we need someone with historic experience to make sure our plaster and tile are preserved.


at 8:26pm on Jan 10 2017

Hi Jill, I think Ben Kehoe would be able to help. He's a reputable carpenter and I know he's done historic work. Give him a call, text or email:

[email protected]

at 11:09am on Jan 13 2017

Terry Swafford also does carpentry work specifically focused on historic properties: (773) 655-2951 | [email protected]

at 6:47am on Jan 16 2017

Brice Madden of Detroit House Carpentry does beautiful work! Recent tiled fireplace images posted on his facebook page...

(313) 657-8313

at 7:03am on Jan 16 2017

Steve Hughes, of Hughes & Lynn, also does great work
(313) 871-1447, [email protected]

Also, Brett Lee Pickens & Kamil Antos, Le Prairie Woodwork, do fantastic custom woodwork & finish carpentry
313-595-5964, [email protected]

And one more! Blake Carroll
415-706-2192 (he lives in Detroit), [email protected]

at 7:05am on Jan 16 2017

Brice Madden / Detroit House Carpentry email is: [email protected]

at 10:30am on Jan 16 2017


at 2:33am on Jan 20 2017
at 10:33am on Jan 20 2017

I highly recommend Maxwell construction for historic homes in detroit

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