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Asked by Ann at 9:19pm on Oct 27 2017

I have some leaded glass casement windows in need of some repair/restoration, I have had a difficult time finding someone for the job. People either don’t show up, don’t return calls or say they are too busy and can’t take the job. Does anyone on the site have any recommendations? I am in Dearborn. The windows will make it through the winter without a problem but I’d really like to get the job taken care of soon. Thanks for any suggestions.


at 2:30am on Oct 28 2017

Ann Baxter of Baxter Art Glass truly is incredible w leaded glass. She brought two of our leaded stained glass windows back from the brink. Have you tried her w no luck? I’ve always found her to be very responsive.

at 9:50am on Oct 30 2017

You can also try Savonty Restoration at 313-818-1750
or Building Hugger at 313 442 7091.

at 9:43pm on Feb 5 2018

AK Services located at the Russell has done very intricate repairs on circa 1907 windows for me and I was impressed. They also make new sashes if needed in their extensive wood shop. The contact person is Alan @ (248) 515-8815 or [email protected].

at 1:11pm on Feb 7 2018

Ann Baxter is amazing, I highly recommend her!

at 12:38pm on Feb 22 2018

Thanks for all of the recommendations! Larry, I think I will need some sash repair, so thanks for mentioning AK Services. I’ll be contacting them soon.

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