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Lead removal company

Asked by Kristi at 8:24pm on Aug 20 2018

Hello. Can someone recommend a lead removal company that is cheap and good? Or can I hire a carpenter to remove the lead paint?


at 10:26am on Aug 21 2018

I wouldn't personally recommend hiring a carpenter for lead removal unless they are certified and trained in safe lead removal -- especially especially if you have kids or animals in the house. On Brick + Beam's contractor list under "lead" and "environmental remediation" there are a few options. I used Complete Environmental Solutions for some asbestos removal. Pretty confident he (Dwain) does lead removal as well.

at 11:08am on Aug 21 2018

What surface(s) is coated with lead paint? Is it in poor/deteriorated condition (cracked and/or peeling)? Are you planning or already doing renovations? Are there small children in the home? Removing lead paint may or may not be the best option. Emilie's advice is sound. Ask questions of several contractors to gain knowledge, advise and pricing for your specific needs.

at 11:24am on Aug 21 2018

This is a rental house and there is one child. There are several minor issues: door jambs and casings, exterior window lintels and basement wood paneling are deteriorated lead paint hazard. I just need someone who can do: wet scrape, stabilize, repaint damaged component.

at 6:56pm on Nov 6 2018

If the property is within the City of Detroit, contact BSEED 313 224-2733. There’s a program to remove lead from rental property.

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