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Knob & Tube Removal (demo)

Asked by Alissa S. at 4:03pm on Feb 18 2020

Hi all,
Looking for someone who does demo or rehab who would remove old knob & tube, according to the homeowner there was new electrical run, but the K&T is still there.
They want to participate in the DTE weatherization program, but are ineligible for new insulation until the K&T is removed.

Please let me know if you've got a contractor you'd recommend, &/OR if you've went through DTE's weatherization program and were able to meet this requirement.



at 3:44pm on Mar 2 2020

While I removed my own knob and tube, this can be very destructive to a house, because in many instances one cannot access it without breaking into walls and ceilings. I only removed what I could reach from basement and attic.
If there is new electric service, was all of the old knob and tube DISCONNECTED. That is what matters: no electricity in the old wires. For knob and tube wiring still to BE THERE should not matter, if all disconnected. Perhaps a good electrician can determine if it is ALL disconnected.
In my case, I had to leave in place knob and tube in first floor ceilings, because I was not willing to break that plaster. Possibly whoever installed new service did the same thing. I was not participating in the DTE program.
Good luck. Often these kinds of programs run on hard and fast rules, not common sense or judgement.

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