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is there on hand classes I would like to remodel my kitchen myselfsuch as cabinets backsplash countertops and flooring

Asked by Cody Williams at 12:59am on Sep 1 2016


at 2:41pm on Sep 6 2016

Hey Cody - Brick + Beam hasn't done kitchen remodel classes yet, but we do have some resources in our Rehab Resources library (in the menu bar) that might help. Also, Habitat for Humanity's Detroit ReStore also offers classes just like this. If they haven't already, this might be a great class suggestion you could make or maybe they have something you might be interested in coming up. You can contact Paul at Detroit's ReStore here: [email protected]

Hope this helps!


at 9:29am on Nov 22 2016

Surprisingly Home Depot has some classes that may help you. You can check availability and sign up in their website.

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