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Is there a public dump where I can drop off materials to be throw away?

Nearer to Mexicantown. Thanks!


at 2:37pm on Sep 6 2016

Check out the answer to this question and see if Budget Dumpster would be helpful for you:

I don't know of public dumps, but I would recommend if you have any materials like windows, bricks, doors, wood, etc. that you let one of the architectural salvage shops know so they can maybe take some of it. Also, you might try Matt Naimi at Recycle Here to see if they have recommendations for dumps/recycle locations.

at 2:38pm on Sep 6 2016

Habitat For Humanity's ReStore in Detroit also has deconstruction services if that helps:

at 11:24am on Dec 16 2016


The City of Detroit has several bulk waste drop-off sites around the city. It is free for residents to dump up to one ton per day. The drop off sites also have some recycling containers. You will need to take your ID or driver's license that shows city residency.

Davison Yard, 8221 W. Davison
State Fair Yard, 19715 John R
5840 Anthon (between Cavalry and Campbell)
J. Fons Transfer Station, 6451 E. McNichols
Southfield Yard, 12255 Southfield Service Drive

Winter hours:
Tuesday through Saturday
8:30AM-4:00PM; closed 12:30-1:30 for lunch
(Southfield Yard is also open on Mondays.)

Summer hours:
Tuesday through Saturday
10:30AM-6:00PM; closed 2:30-3:30 for lunch
(Southfield Yard is also open on Mondays.)

The closest one to you in SW would be Anthon.

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