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Is anyone looking for Fenestra windows?

Asked by James Murphy at 3:08pm on Jul 2 2020

I have 5 fenestra windows in my garage that were removed from the 2nd story bedrooms prior to our purchasing the home. I will not be re-installing them. Maybe someone can give them a new life?


at 10:43am on Jul 3 2020

Thanks, James. We are looking for one for our kitchen. What size are they? If you are looking for someone to rake all of them, I understand. Thanks!

at 11:03am on Jul 3 2020

I have three that are approx. 37" x 51" 16 pane
I have two that are approx. 19" x 51" 8 pane
I took pictures but apparently I can't upload them here....

at 11:08am on Jul 3 2020

James: Do your Fenstra windows still have screens? I am interested to see what the original screens look like. My windows no longer have theirs, and I want to find some one to recreate the screens for me. First step is to find out what they looked like. Thanks.

at 11:16am on Jul 3 2020

Yes. I have some screens. But I can't post pictures here.

at 11:20am on Jul 3 2020

Could you take a quick photo and email it: [email protected]. I appreciate the support.

at 11:32am on Jul 3 2020


at 12:21pm on Jul 3 2020

James, thank you for the sizes. Is that 37w x 55h? If so, that size might be perfect. If you still have photos, would you send to [email protected], please? Thank you.

at 1:29pm on Jul 3 2020

Just sent a picture to your email.
Approx. dimensions 37w X 51h.

at 1:38pm on Jul 3 2020

Thank you for the picture, James. If available, we're interested in the two 19" and one of the 37."

Thank you,

at 9:29am on Jul 7 2020

Hi James, are any of your windows still available? Thanks, Sarah

at 2:55pm on Jul 7 2020

James, I am looking for fenestra windows and hardware to restore my vintage steal windows. Do you have any latches, slider open levers, sashes? I'm also looking for a small size window for my attic. I appreciate any help you can offer

at 2:59pm on Jul 7 2020

I'm looking for 1 19" .are the windows still available? Please message me atm [email protected]

at 6:29pm on Jul 7 2020

I have a small "stash" of hardware for the windows that I'm going to hold on to. Most of the windows in our house are the original fenestra. As far as the 5 windows I have, I have learned that they have real value. Can you make me a reasonable offer?

at 9:05am on Jul 8 2020

James, yes I'd be willing to purchase the windows. I'd be interested in 1 of the 19" windows & one or tow of the double windows. Can I come look at them? I'm available today, email me and we can coordinate time.

at 8:06pm on Jul 18 2020

Hi James - wondering if all of your Fenestra windows have been spoken for?

at 8:17pm on Jul 18 2020

Hi James - wondering if all of your Fenestra windows have been spoken for?

at 6:07pm on Mar 10 2021

James, I never heard back from you. I'm still interested in the double windows. Let me know if you still have them

at 3:12pm on Jul 4 2021

I still have all the windows described above. Is there anyone with interest?

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