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Is anyone here living in their rehab?

Asked by Renek40 at 8:15pm on Oct 30 2019

We are looking to move to city and live n a rehabbed home. We've done several homes in Oakland county and we would rent out our current house and try to bring our skills to Detroit. But, safety is an issue.


at 12:18pm on Oct 31 2019

Hi Rene,
I can't speak for everyone in this forum, but 95% of people who have been taking our in person B+BD workshops this year are residents of Detroit (or of Highland Park/Hamtramck). Some live in their rehabs and some live in a different house than the own they are currently repairing.
In terms of safety, it would of-course depend on the state the house is in. You should certainly consider what types of repairs can be done while you're living there and which you'd want to avoid while in the home (like demo) and best practices would be to follow EPA guideline on working lead safe. Check out some tips on safety here:

at 5:08pm on Oct 31 2019

Yep. We won't live in it until it's habitable...if all goes well, we hope to meet some other folks doing this face to face somewhere in the area of our soon to be revitalized home! 😄

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