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Insurance during gut rehab?

Asked by Sandra Stahl at 11:03am on Jan 25 2017

I think this question is different - or at least, the responses and PDF in the resource section did not address it. We're working on a house - no walls, can't really look "pristine" right now, not occupiable... can folks share tips/recommended companies to get insurance on a house like this?



at 4:23am on Jan 26 2017

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at 8:11am on Jan 27 2017

Brick + Beam had an event on insurance and Ashaki Malone was our speaker. You could contact her directly to ask her thoughts ([email protected]). I'm also in the process of navigating insurance on a house (with diff circumstances) and finding it pretty challenging! I'll share with you the most helpful people I've encountered so far in hopes that they can help in some way, even if they can't issue coverage themselves:

Ian Hollerbach - VanTolins; independent insurance company

Michigan Insurance & Financial Services
Bryan Ede (only speak to Bryan)
586.710.7601 (office)
586.703.4632 (cell)
[email protected]

at 10:58am on Feb 3 2017

We had a construction policy.
Our agent was/ is

Michael Mace
EW Smith Agency
Phone 734-782-2720
Fax 734-782-3728

at 7:13pm on Apr 20 2017

You might want to talk to Michigan Basic

at 10:10am on Apr 21 2017

I have Michigan Basic as well

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