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if you can see the main floor from the attic how do you go about repairing that?

Asked by [email protected] at 10:12pm on Nov 5 2018

There is no dry wall in the living room. so when you look up at the ceiling you can see right into the attic/3rd level. I have searched for videos online to help me figure out my next/best step but there isn’t any out there so far. It’s not the entire floor but some of it. I wish I could better describe what I mean but I have no idea what the technical term for this situation is.


at 2:13pm on Nov 12 2018

Trying to understand what's going on! So there's no ceiling on the second floor either? Or there's a hole in the ceilings that allows you to see up? You can also email [email protected] to attach photos if that's helpful, though others who could help answer here won't be able to see them, but we might be able to help you describe what's going on?

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