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I want to attach a prefab commercial Hoop house to an existing foundation as a repurposing project for a burnt vacant home.

Asked by Ann Byrne at 5:43pm on May 4 2020

I am already working with DLBA. Since there is no category for partial demolition we are calling this repurposing project a renovation. Basically I am removing the burnt superstructure and directly attaching the hoop house frame to elevated foundation/basement that extends 24" above ground level. foundation is 24'Wx36'D. Height can very by design. Existing structures on the block are all two-story older wood frame with same elevation I own the adjacent house. The other adjacent property is a 30'x100' vacant lot. BSEED has regulations for greenhouse size but this project.must conform to the existing foundation size. Hence we are.calling it a repurposing. The prefabricated hoop house requires it to be attached to an 18-24" footing and then cemented in place. I would be anchoring to the existing foundation and cementing in place. All utilities are shut off at the pole or street for non payment or because of the fire. None will be needed as it will be operating as a cold frame. Any water needed will be drip irrigation supplied from adjacent home's spigot. The Main floor floor will be left intact and any small fire damage will be repaired then it will be over surfaced with a no slip garage/shop floor sealant. What permits would have to be pulled???


at 10:15am on May 5 2020

Hi Ann,
This sounds like a cool project!
Since this is pretty specific, and a use that a lot of B+BD folks won't have navigated before, I would definitely recommend working directly with BSEED.
All the different contacts are listed here:
Good Luck!

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