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I recently purchased my house from the DLB. I am in need of some outside work on the home . I also need my Windows and doors need attention also i need insulation like siding . i think it's wood already but its peeling off .and renforced the back where the tree fell on the house and broke the wires off the house and part of the gutter was pulled apart

Asked by Janis Morgan at 1:55pm on May 22 2017

I'm on disability and don't have a lot of money .I am in a wheelchair sometimes but I have a little help but we're all seniors šŸ˜€ I also need inside painters,


at 10:00am on Jun 1 2017

Hi Janis: Take a look at the post from March 13th in the Q/A forum here. Has a lot of info that might be helpful to you! It's another question from a senior looking for resources. The link is long, but it's here and has lots of good resources:

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