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I need reputable contacts for pier installation under a crawl space footing.

Asked by Chris Campo at 1:46pm on Jan 23 2017

I have a 5500 square ft Tudor in Palmer woods. The three story structure is built over a deep foundation. The side sleeping porch is built over a crawl space with inside access. This room above the crawl space is sinking causing damage to the Pewabic tile floor. One company has told me that the slab is sinking from soil erosion and that I require installation of piers under the footing to support and possibly raise the structure. We have already had the walls tuckpointed on the outside of the structure.

Can someone give me two or three contractors other than Foundation Systems of Michigan to provide a quote who do this type of work to raise underneath a slab? Thank you..


at 8:18am on Jan 27 2017

I met this company at Detroit Training Center. I'm not sure they're what you need, but thought I'd share in case: Ready Dig Excavation 586-533-7225 (Frank) / 248-292-9929 (Scott).

Also, a friend is using Mosley's Services Inc for structural engineering work she needs done in Hubbard Farms. His contact is:

Barnabas Mosley: [email protected]
220 Bagley St Ste 850, Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 964-3010

at 8:40am on Feb 8 2017

Thanks Emile.

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