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I'm in need of someone who restores leaded glass windows in Detroit?

Asked by Susan Tamblyn at 12:44pm on Feb 9 2017

We have a home in the Boston-Edison historic neighborhood and need to restore some window frames that hold rectangular leaded glass. Not too many panels of glass are missing, but the frames need to be restored (scraped and painted). I understand Sevonty does excellent work, but is pricey and booked out for ~9 months. We want to move along a little quicker than that so we can move into our home asap. Any advice?


at 4:10pm on Feb 10 2017

I've heard great things from multiple property owners about Universal Stained Glass (8550 W Nine Mile Rd, Oak Park, MI 48237 | (248) 543-5573). I plan to contact them myself about some stained glass that's bowing.

at 3:32pm on Feb 11 2017

And a couple rehabbing in University District just told me they use Ann Baxter of Baxter Art Glass (313 407-4800) and *love* her.

at 9:24pm on Oct 27 2017

Susan, I was just curious if you located someone for your job. Your windows sound similar to mine and I am having a hard time finding someone who will take the job, or even return phone calls to get an estimate. We did not have a good experience when I contacted Universal Stained Glass.

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