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I have a home built in 1925 with original leaded glass windows. I have a frustrating problem with one double window. I have moisture building up between the leaded glass and the wooden storms. All the other windows do not have this problem. I had new wooden storms made for them as the old ones were rotten from moisture.

Asked by KenfromMI at 6:12am on Feb 23 2018

New storms, I did caulk from the inside and outside thinking this would help. Someone suggested I may have contributed to the issues by sealing them too tight and they need some airflow. Also if this is the case what is the best way to get airflow without defeating the purpose of the storm window in general?


at 5:38pm on Feb 24 2018

Usually the issue is moisture from inside leaking into the cavity between the storm and window and subsequently condensing on the glass. Have you considered adding thin stick on foam weather stripping to seal between the inside window and the frame?

at 9:07am on Feb 28 2018

Since you have treated other windows in the same manner (new wooden storms), let's focus on what is different about THIS window. Allowing "air flow" may alleviate the moisture build up when it appears, but it doesn't address a source. You should consider moisture leaking through your roof, eaves, siding near or above the window. Check your moisture and temperature at the top and bottom sills. Another lessor consideration would be landscaping cover and exposure, if the window is especially shielded from the elements..

at 3:13pm on Feb 28 2018

Thanks for the replies. The other windows have the original wooden storms or at least much older ones. Its a second story window with no landscape covering. How do you go about checking the temperature and moisture at the two sills? WIth it warming up now the moisture is of course gone. In the Winter it is only on the inside of the storm glass and actually freezes. It accumulates near the bottom of the glass on the storm windows and climbs upward a bit depending on the temperature. I was wondering of it was heat escaping through the leaded glass interior windows but it still happens when I put the plastic shrink wrap window coverings over them as well.

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