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I have a church, I need to put a bathroom and a gathering area on the first floor for handicap folks

Asked by Jonathan Combs at 9:34pm on Oct 10 2018


at 9:35pm on Oct 10 2018

We will be using part of the sanctuary for the bathroom and gathering area (coffee and light snacks)

at 10:19am on Oct 11 2018

Hello Mr. Combs, First off, I am an architect in Detroit and would be happy to come by with a contractor and take a look at what you need. You can reach me at 313-451-3887, or [email protected]

To offer broader advice, many people in your position are interested in getting pricing first. So they look for a contractor to come by, hear what they want, and give them ballpark costs.

However, ultimately you will have to have a set of architect signed drawings to submit to the city to get a permit for the work. In that case, it makes sense to get an architect under contract to hear exactly what you want, draw it up, and give something concrete for contractors to bid off of so that you can get a couple of prices that are all based on the same final scope, instead of quotes here and there, based on an indeterminate final scope, which can lead to fatigue on the part of the contractors.

If you're looking for other architects, home seems to have a pretty good network. You may also want to refer to motor city match: They offer financing for building improvements for businesses, which you may or may not be qualified for as a nonprofit. it certainly wouldn't hurt to get in touch with somebody at the office and sit down for a meeting with them to see what they can offer in terms of assistance. They also have published on their website a list of approved architects who would be suitable for you to reach out to, as they are all on the list because they're interested in doing small to midsize projects.

Take care and good luck with the project!

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