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How to check for Asbestos for homes build before 1970?

Asked by Ameerah Gillespie at 11:27am on Nov 7 2019

I am looking to remodel home in Boston Edison built in 1921. Any recommendations on who can check if this house has Asbestos? Thank you!!


at 10:55am on Nov 8 2019

Any home, no matter how "new" the construction was, could have asbestos-containing building materials (asbestos is NOT banned in the US). Michigan like most states requires Asbestos Inspectors to EPA Accredited, ie: Licensed and annually updated. Expect to pay $700-$1000 to thoroughly inspect & test suspect materials in a vintage home. I'm no longer living in metro-Detroit, but you can email me at [email protected] @ Pete Yankee Environmental for guidance & referrals.

at 10:57am on Nov 8 2019

I used a company called Go Green Contracting back in 2016. Their number is 313-202-9025. They were great! I think I found them by asking for referrals on the NextDoor app.
I am rehabbing a house in Southwest Detroit but I live on Atkinson. Good luck, neighbor!
-Grace Meyer

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