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How Much Should I Aim for A Winning DLBA in Zip Code 48208?

Asked by Nicole at 10:36pm on Aug 10 2018

I am trying to win a bid that is upcoming and this will of course be my first bid.

Considering how much money I will need to put into the home, I would actually prefer my bid offer to be as close to the starting point of $1,000 as possible!

Does anyone have a guess on a bidding strategy that will help me win while also not over-spend?

Zip code 48208 and 48206.

Thanks Everyone <3


at 10:28am on Aug 21 2018

Not sure how to answer this, Nicole! I don't know what a bidding strategy would look like except to just stay on it and try to keep it as low as you can! Also I would make sure you know your maximum and commit to not going past that.

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