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How can I clean years of unsightly aging from brick?

Asked by Arthur Merriweather at 3:26pm on Jun 23 2016

The home has both brick and limestone that has a black soot looking covering in places. I've tried power washing, which works on the limestone but not the brick. The Xrreme Blasitng company cleaned a demo spot with a dustless blaster using recycled glass and water. It worked great, but the cost for cleaning the entire home is way beyond my budget. Does anyone have suggestions.


at 2:04pm on Jun 24 2016

Hi Arthur! Brick + Beam is actually having our next class on masonry repair with a potential cleaning aspect -- or at least you can attend if you want and ask the mason/conservationist there! I've asked the masonry expert to see if she can put together a one pager on cleaning and repair, which I'll share!

Or take a look at the resources on our resources page, this one might be of use to you:

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