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How can and where can I find someone to help with water and mold buildup in my basement

Asked by Deborah Herron at 9:14am on May 12 2020


at 10:34am on May 12 2020

First, find the source of the water and stop it from coming in --may be seepage from walls, etc, which may require sloping the soil so that it runs away from the walls; clean gutters so they work and redirect the water from the drains to lawn as far away from house as possible. If you're still getting water in basement consider digging out exterior of walls, patching and tarring and refilling or have drains installed under basement floor to redirect excess water to drains in basement floor. Once you stop the water from getting in the basement, tear out everything that has mold, put in a de-humidifier, paint walls,etc with oil base primer like kills. hope this helps. George

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