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Historic Door rehab

Asked by Blake Almstead at 1:13pm on Jul 26 2017

Hello! I live in a Corktown 1840's workers cottage and in dire need of a door rehab, I'd love to retain the existing door, it's original to the home and needs to be stripped and secured. I believe it's salvageable. I wanted to check who you'd recommend that would be knowledgable in historic doors and not jump to making a new one.

Thanks so much and talk soon
Blake Almstead


at 10:25am on Jul 27 2017

I used Chris Taylor for a 1910's door rehab. He built new custom sidelights to match the door I picked up at a architectural salvage in Toledo.
He installed a Baldwin lock set and hinges.
He even added inset balloon weather stripping and a mechanical door sweep seal.

at 11:08am on Jul 27 2017

Great! Thanks for the recommendation!

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