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Hello Community, does anyone have a resource for parts to repair pocket doors? All the parts I find in the big box stores are too big, I need a bracket that fits a 1 inch opening.

Asked by Todd Ray at 11:22am on Apr 5 2017

My bracket that the door rides on is only 1 inch wide, replacements all seem to be 2 inch opening


at 7:50am on Apr 17 2017

I would highly recommend Detroit Antique Mall (828 Fisher Fwy, Detroit). They have a TON of hard to find old hardware stuff.

at 8:15am on Apr 17 2017

Van Dyke restorers, an online resource for all things old

at 8:48am on Apr 17 2017

Thanks so Larry and Emily, I really appreciate that info. Emily I was wondering about workshops, do what do think about a landscaping workshop for those of us now owning our very first home and no idea of what to do. Lol

at 10:28am on Apr 17 2017

Yes we've talked about a landscaping class. Thanks for nudging that forward.

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