Brick + Beam Detroit

having problems getting roof fixed and pourch.

Asked by Vivian Bennett EL at 2:45pm on Apr 11 2019

I lived at this address 2014. This is the home i grew up in. My mother has quit claim the deed to me. The house needs repair the house was build in 1913. I am on disability have limited funds. my husband works for a temporary company ad is off from time to time.i applyed for grant with city but they told me their are 2000 people ahead of me.I hade a tarp put on roof . I dont think it will last another winter.I am 63 and have a number of medical condition its. My husband has just came home from prison september of last year. MyDad wheh he was living was a korean war vet. He got sick with Cancer and was not able to fix house before he passed. My mother is 83 and it was too much for her to take care of.My father and mother bought this home in the 60s I would like this home to be repaired. thank You so much for your help.


at 2:49pm on Apr 11 2019

sorry some of my words were mispelled.

at 9:24pm on Dec 3 2019

Have you gotten this taken care of? I maybe able to help with the labor portion. I'm a roofer who has been out of state for many years and just returned to start a rehab.

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