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Having a Problem with a Sink

Asked by Robert Everett at 11:35pm on Jan 25 2017

My wife and I bought a lovely home in Detroit and we have a pedestal sink in our main bathroom. The problem is the sink isn't completely level. I haven't officially taken a level to it yet to see how it's sitting, but it's obviously not level because the sink does not drain completely, leaving a small pool at the bottom of the bowl. With that small amount of standing water comes mildew and staining. What is the best way to unseat the sink? It is secured both at the back of the sink to the wall and at the pedestal to the floor.


at 1:01pm on Jan 31 2017

I honestly don't have a good answer to this, but I did find this online (which you probably did too):

Might recommend calling a plumber to come look at it.

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