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Have a home built in 1928. Wanting to weatherize. Would you recommend spring bronze weatherstripping or some other product?

Asked by Elizabeth Lavoie at 2:41pm on Sep 30 2016


at 2:58pm on Sep 30 2016

Spring bronze works well on wood windows. If you have steel windows, metal weatherstripping is more complicated. There are resources on B+B for both. The advantage of metal weatherstripping is that it is a long-lasting solution. Using foam or plastic strips will help, but they will have to be renewed periodically. A product that works very well is Mordite rope caulk that you press into place where the sash and frame meet. I use this as a supplement to the metal weatherstripping. The combination totally eliminates any air incursion around the sash. Mordite can be removed easily when you want to open the window. But I have had it last several years on unopened windows.

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