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Houghton Lake Michigan, Code Enforcement and Demolition Issues...

Asked by Cindy at 9:31pm on Aug 8 2020

First part is they sent me a certified letter but I never sign for it and the green part was ripped off.. secondly I have been harrassed sent iobed to Houghton lake Michigan. By two men who create an association that's not even legal from my understanding and Juan happens to work for the code enforcement. They feel that only the people on the first block by the lake have any rights to the lake or any rights to have boats in the lake. Make a long story short I need it repairs on my house I've done a little bit I'm very sick. Have no income I'm applying for disability for the second time and I got a note on my tree not on my house that my house is up for demolition because of a couple broken windows it said it was missing skirting but it's not missing skirting.I purchased Windows last year for the place unfortunately the person who was supposed to put them in ripped me off. And now I have to go to court to see if my place is going to be demolished. And I think maybe it was only 10 days a certified letter with only 4 days a go so less then 10 days all together. To go to court for them to decide if my home can be demolished..going to me on the 13th with the demolition officer they also cited me for my camper saying it's dilapidated when it's legal and I took it to Florida and back just shortly before they said that. I mean it's not till a potato it's roadworthy but some guy who doesn't like me just keeps saying that it's still a potato regardless that it's not..there's other things like my house has been broken into several times in the pipings been broken over and over I've posted pictures I've called police do not get any help I've had no income now almost 2 years and can't get no help no matter who I call.I have COPD pots syndrome post-traumatic stress disorder and have been under constant threat since days after buying this place which unfortunately the constant worry and fear make all of my illnesses worse because I'm constantly worrying..
The letter that they sent me some please says that I have to meet with the demolishing officer that I'm missing Windows missing skirting which I'm not missing skirting and that my house is still a potato at needs to be torn down basically it doesn't give me any description of what the proper codes is what I have to do to fix it how long I have to fix it nobody's ever coming to my house knocked on the door none of these things just suddenly a letter stapled to my treetelling me and proximately 10 days I have to meet with a demolishing officer


at 12:34pm on Aug 10 2020

Hi Cindy,
Sounds like you've got a lot going on with your property.
From your forum entry not sure what township or city you're in, and we don't know much about code enforcement around Houghton Lake. Brick + Beam is focused on Detroit, Hamtramck, Highland Park. I would definitely recommend getting in contact with your local building department to better understand the process in advance of this meeting with a demolition officer.
Good luck!

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