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Does anyone know of a good/cheaper lead based paint inspector?

Asked by Peggy Pointer at 3:47pm on Mar 27 2018

I am getting the certificate for my property with the cityi and they are requring me to get a lead paint inspection. Anyone know a good one who is someone cheap (all are so expensive!) and relable and easy to work with?

Not looking for a contractor to remove lead - just the lead inspector who can provide a lead clearence report / certificate


at 11:01am on Mar 28 2018

the last time I used one, 2010, I hired American Environmental consultants 12838 Gavel, det mi, 313 491 2600

Also there's a couple of people who work at Detroit Training Center who do lead inspections 5151 Loraine St, Detroit, MI 48208 Phone: (313) 221-5876

at 11:21am on Mar 28 2018

Thank you George. American Environmental used to be good but they no longer are reliable. A shame too as they used to be solid

at 1:52pm on Mar 28 2018

The City of Detroit ordinance was formulated in 2010. Compliance still stems from, or call (517) 335-9390. Requirements for lead paint inspectors and remediation contractors have changed since significantly since 2010. Most "abatement contractors" won't (& shouldn't) be performing the lead inspection/risk assessments. Pricing has stabilized, but you do not want a "cheap" inspection. You will just end up doing it over and paying twice. I would call the City or the State for referrals. Text or email me if you wish - [email protected] or 248/787-2623 mobile. -- Stu

at 1:57pm on Mar 28 2018

You could also contact: Ed Wenz - For the most current information.

at 2:10pm on Mar 28 2018

Thanks Stuart. Familiar with the code just looking for a referall to a solid lead inspector. The list the state/county provide is somewhat useless as no one never calls back - have called almost every name on the sheet.

Thanks for all the info though - you said a lot and it is appreciated.

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