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Does anyone have experience using the DHM for rehab without a project manager?

Asked by Chelsie at 12:35pm on Jun 5 2019

I am trying to get quotes and schedule contractors but i have no idea if they will work with / through the DHM protocol.


at 11:31am on Jun 6 2019

Who is your DHM lender? I'm not sure this is helpful to your question but we ALMOST got a DHM (negotiations changed with seller and we didn't have to use it afterall) but our lender, Alex Solak with Chemical Bank, was extraordinary in helping us understand and navigate a lot of our questions around DHM (he's also spoken at BBD events before).

Also, Maxwell Construction ( has done a lot of whole house rehab projects where they do the work + act as CM, but sounds like you're wanting to be your own CM and manage the individual contractors. Sorry if this is totally unhelpful!

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