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Does anyone have a resource for mortise lock replacement ? Has to be suitable for a Entry Door.

Asked by Todd Ray at 8:38am on Apr 1 2017


at 2:10pm on Apr 1 2017

We used a Baldwin lock set.
Our carpenter scarfed in oak material and then drilled for the new lock.
Chris was our carpenter

at 3:23pm on Apr 1 2017

Thanks jcraig, I was hoping to keep the character of the Mortise set, but I will keep that in mind as a last resort.

at 3:26pm on Apr 1 2017

I can text you photos of ours.
It's essentially the same, just more robust than what was in the door.
It still has the two buttons in the mortise for the lock/ unlock.
If you want more pics/ info feel free to send over your #.

at 3:29pm on Apr 1 2017

Yes I would love to see pictures Thanks so would you mind emailing those to [email protected]

at 3:32pm on Apr 1 2017

You can search #1913foursquare on instagram to see ours.

at 4:02pm on Apr 2 2017

Todd are you looking for places to find a replacement or a how-to for installing one? If the former, I would recommend checking out Detroit Antique Mall at 828 Fisher Fwy (basically the75 service drive opposite MGM). They have tons of locks, doorknobs, etc. and I just found a glass knob for our tricky entry door there yesterday.

If you're looking for a how-to guide for installing, I don't know of one, but could be a good resource for Brick + Beam to develop!

at 4:04pm on Apr 2 2017

Also, Jimmy at Fred's Key Shop did a great job installing old locks/knobs/etc. on our doors (1927 house).

at 11:18am on Apr 5 2017

Thanks Emily I really appreciate your help, and I concur I would love a workshop on dealing with doors and locks for old houses.

at 1:15pm on Feb 7 2018

I recommend checking out Materials Unlimited in Ypsilanti, they have a large amount of mortise locks that might work for you. We were just there this past weekend for the same reason

at 10:20am on May 26 2018

eastside locksmiths (313) 881-0280

at 10:15pm on Nov 12 2018

Go to Fred's Key Shop in Detroit on second ave off MLK they have Mortise Locks

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