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Does a renovation with a DHM require a DHM-specifically licensed contractor? If so, is there a bigger list of DHM-approved contractors out there?

Asked by Jamie Duda at 9:54am on Sep 3 2019

I'm only seeing one option on the Brick and Beam site in the Detroit Home Mortgage category, and would like to make sure we make the best pick possible for a good working relationship with a contractor.


at 6:00pm on Sep 5 2019

Hey Jamie,
I believe that you can choose your own contractor, as long as they meet the requirements that the DHM program sets for insurance & licensing.
See this DHM doc for more info:
However, I would certainly recommend reaching out to one of the DHM counseling agencies to get more specifics on the requirements and to confirm you can choose your own contractor:
If you've already begun the DHM process, I would ask them about choosing a contractor.
Please keep in mind that the B+BD contractor list is entirely community-sourced, just because a contractor isn't on the list doesn't mean they aren't great, and just because they are doesn't mean they are the right choice for you/your project! Read more about the list in the disclaimer
Through DHM, you might find an excellent contractor, and if you do, please add them to the list!

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