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Do you know of a local mason/brick layer who might help rebuild some brick corners?

Asked by Alissa at 8:52pm on Jan 24 2016

We have some interior exposed brick, a door was added at some point, and the bricks around the doorway don't have a neat edge. I *think* I need someone to grind out parts of this and rebuild it? I would love to hire someone great, or would really be into hiring someone experienced to lead me through the process, like a DIY-assist scenario.


at 12:30pm on Jan 25 2016

Logan is a very experienced mason. He has done extensive work in my neighborhood (Art Center) as well as on houses in Boston Edison. His no. 313 671 2543. He operates his business completely by word of mouth.

at 12:43pm on Apr 9 2016

Ivan O'Neal
Porches R Us

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