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Do I need a permit to tear out a closet?

Asked by Chloë Lu at 5:47pm on Nov 4 2019

I just bought a home in Lasalle Gardens. The previous owner built a closet in the front room. The closet is terrible and encloses a window. I would like to tear it down but am not sure how to do so / if I would need to pull a permit. Thanks for your help!


at 9:21am on Nov 5 2019

No permit needed. high probability the closet walls are not load bearing since it was built after the fact and can be demolished.

at 9:25am on Nov 5 2019

You don’t need a permit for that. If you’re redoing any electrical or plumbing behind it, then potentially yes, but if you’re just pulling down non-load-bearing drywall walls you’re fine. Just be safe!

Also under “rehab resources” and the “permitting” tag is a “do I need a permit?” Guide that could be helpful moving forward.

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