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Dispose - Recycle 6' x 7' pane of plate glass?

Asked by Sharon Gant at 3:16pm on May 1 2017

Frame on picture window rotted. Howie Glass says they won't use the old glass to make new storm window - and they don't want it.

So what to do with this plate of glass? Cousin and I removed the rotted frame and the glass is currently leaning against the side of my house.

I'll appreciate any referral for someone to rebuild a new storm window frame and put it back over the window would be appreciated - OR - someone to come take it away.


at 7:15pm on May 3 2017

I would suggest reaching out to one of the window restoration firms in the city to ask their strategy for disposing of large panes of glass, such as Building Hugger ([email protected]).

at 4:23pm on May 4 2017

Actually I have reached out to them and received a response from them that gives me hope for possible reuse for new storm window.

at 6:13pm on May 4 2017

Oh wonderful! Thanks for letting us know!

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