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Cast Iron Milk Door Restoration?

Asked by Julia at 9:24am on May 5 2017

Does anyone have any tips or recommendations on someone who can restore a cast iron milk chute door? Or maybe a tip on finding and installing a new-to-me old replacement? It has a ton of rust and peeling paint. The latch on the door actually fell off when I went to close it last time. I'm afraid the whole door is going to fall off at the hinges soon. The inside is stamped saying it was made in Wyandotte. The house is from 1942.

This is not my picture, but this person's milk door is very similar to what mine is like:

I have no idea of where to start with fixing this problem!
Thank you!


at 1:14pm on Feb 7 2018

take it to Federal Industrial on 8 Mile and have them powder coat it! They are exceptional at their work and SUPER affordable. We had them powdercoat all of our original cast iron radiators and they did a wonderful job!

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