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Can someone recommend a source for a new or gently used round top entry door and installation.


at 10:12am on May 29 2018

For a used door you can check out Architectural Salvage Warehouse at 4885 15th St, Detroit, MI 48208. Since their doors are from old houses, they may be a little more used than you are looking for; also, keep in mind that a historic wood door will not be insulated, while most modern exterior doors are.

So as an alternative I would reach out to lumber yards, which generally source interior and exterior doors, or have people they can refer you to directly. Mans Lumber in Canton is a reputable door supplier, and I've also had great experiences with Brooks Lumber in Corktown. Home Depots can provide them too.

As far as an installer, I would see if any of the lumber yards can recommend somebody. I would also try calling this company Kelly Windows for a recommendation (313-861-6910). They supply and install a lot of historic windows around Detroit. I would tell them you're looking for someone to install a door and see if they can refer you to anyone - it's probably not directly in their wheelhouse but close enough that they may know other contractors.

Good luck!

at 2:18pm on May 29 2018

Thanks for the help.

at 3:19pm on Jun 28 2018

I have a round top door 78" in high, 3 ft across and 2.5" thick.

at 12:39pm on Nov 9 2018

I'm looking for an unusual (by today's standards) size door for my condo. It's the entry door from the common space. 84X33 3/4. If I can't find one at salvage, any suggestions? Custom made would be $$$, yes? It's a beautiful old wood door. Just not sure it can be saved. There's some damage around the deadbolt area. Anyone suggest a craftsperson who could make an assessment?

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