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Can anyone recommend a contractor who restores wood windows?

Asked by Rachel Van Andel at 1:03pm on Oct 29 2016

I'm looking to have the original wood windows on my 1941 home restored. I have already had one contractor do a poor job, and another (who came in to fix the job) leave it unfinished.


at 12:55pm on Oct 30 2016

Hello, I restored all the wood windows on my 1923 home, and enjoyed it so much, I've been considering offering my services to other homeowners. I can restore painted wood to natural, repair and fabricate leaded glass in lead or zinc came, weatherstrip, replace broken or missing glass, etc. Over the years, I've gathers quite a large book of resources, methods, and vendors. Not sure I can post pictures here, so I'll send you a message on here with my contact info. Lots of my work is posted on my blog

at 6:13pm on Oct 30 2016

Check out Amy swift from Building Hugger. She has done all of the windows at a friends house and will soon be doing all of ours.

at 8:11am on Nov 2 2016

Andrea Sevonty of Sevonty Restoration ([email protected]) is also an expert in window restoration. Brick + Beam also has a lot of DIY resources for wood window restoration if you want to try and take it on yourself. Good luck!

at 2:15am on Nov 30 2016

I think you can search online and also take references from your friends and family members.

at 7:47am on Nov 30 2016

@David Goodwin thank you for the offer, but because of the issues we have had, we would like to go with a reputable company.

@Betsy Murdoch I have been in touch with building hugger, but they've simply stopped returning my messages and emails.

@Emilie Evans We're currently working with Andrea Sevonty, hopefully she'll be able to get the project done for us!

@Hilary Andrews Of course we have already searched online and asked friends and family for resources. I've turned to a public forum as a last resort.

at 11:32pm on May 6 2017

I had the same issue with Building Hugger. Ended up doing the windows myself. Time consuming, but not as hard as you might think.

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