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Boiler repair expert needed

Asked by Brad at 5:23pm on Oct 17 2018

I have a coal water boiler that was converted to a gas pilot light kit some years ago. Trying to fire it up this season it works in Manual mode only not in Automatic via the thermostat. Does anyone know a company that specializes and has expertise in old boiler repairs? I’d love to not have to replace the boiler as it does work and heat the house on manual mode. Thank you!


at 10:18am on Oct 18 2018

Good morning Brad!

We at SUPREME Heating 313.885.2400 are happy to be of service to you for all your boiler needs.

You can find out information about us at our Brick + Beam listing here:

or at or

at 10:43am on Oct 18 2018

I have used Derek Mackie from Cregger Plumbing multiple times and he’s taught a boiler workshop for Brick + Beam before — he’s excellent. They’re in the contractor list. Let us know how things go!

at 10:00pm on Oct 21 2018

My go to source for boiler repairs is Detroit Furnace. Ask that they send Ryan out on the service call as he has decades of experience. (586) 944-9400

at 10:18am on Jan 6 2019

Try Giroux Heating and Cooling. They are experts whent it comes to steam boilers.

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