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Best place for multiple (potentially matching) interior doors?

Asked by Jesse Green at 3:52pm on Nov 23 2018

We're rehabbing a home in West Village and all of our second floor interior doors (for the bedrooms/bathrooms) were shot and unusable. Does anyone have any recommendations for finding a batch of (potentially matching) interior wood doors/hardware? Found some doors at Detroit Antique Mall, and I know of (but haven't visited) Architectural Salvage. Wondering if there's anything else I'm missing.

Thank you in advance!


at 9:13am on Nov 24 2018

This store in Ypsilanti is incredible for all sorts of awesome finds, but they have a HUGE selection of doors

at 10:43am on Nov 25 2018

If you're willing to make a trip to Kalamazoo, The Heritage Co. has an entire basement full of doors, and is a fun place to look around in general.

at 7:53pm on Nov 26 2018

Architectural Salvage Warehouse has, I believe, focused more on supplying this kind of thing and less on their brick and mortar store. Their sales manager is Linda Kubit: [email protected] or 313-300-0046

at 11:07pm on Nov 26 2018

Thank you so much everyone! I went to Materials Unlimited and it was an amazing spot, but nothing in the way of groups of doors.

Emilie -- I went to ASW today (knew of them already but hadn't been able to get over there yet) and bought our full set of doors for our second floor from Linda. She was so great and I got a full (and amazing) matching set of doors salvaged from the former Fire Dept. Headquarters (now Detroit Foundation Hotel). Can't wait to see them in their place!

at 12:11pm on Nov 29 2018

Great, so glad to hear it!

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