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Are there any plans to meet for restoration projects in the City of Detroit? I am a new Interior Design Graduate from Baker College Auburn Hills.

Asked by Larita at 8:32am on Feb 24 2016


at 10:52am on Feb 26 2016

Hi Larita, thanks for posing a question. Just so I'm clear, you're looking for upcoming events and classes you can attend in Detroit that support restoration/rehabilitation? If so, stay tuned for our next upcoming event on March 26th on painting (location TBD, so check back on our events page). And congrats on your studies!

at 1:19pm on Apr 8 2016

Welcome Larita to the design world in Detroit. Virtuoso Design+Build is an architectural firm that works with Interior designers. You are welcome to visit our office to see our projects and craft shop. We've just become the only Michigan distributor of Mid-Continent cabinets! We're always happy to help fellow pros get on the scene! [email protected]

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