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Are there any contractors with experience carefully removing stained glass windows/repair?

Asked by Amy at 5:19pm on Mar 4 2019

Hello, I have a stained glass window inside a door, and a stained glass window. Both have cracks that need repair. I did find someone who can repair the glass, but they don't remove the glass from the frame. I don't want to damage it further by trying it myself (and I've never had to remove something like this). I would need a temporary board to be put up while the glass is being repaired (was told it could be done in about a day), and then it would need to be put back into place. Do you know anyone who has experience dealing with that? Appreciate any insight. Thanks.


at 9:15am on Mar 5 2019

Try A World of Glass - 248-623-1080, 5830 Andersonville Road, Waterford, MI. They do repairs of leaded glass as well as removing and board-up

at 10:39am on Mar 5 2019

I have plenty of experience removing older windows. You can give me a call if you'd like I'm also local, Rob 313 629 3237.


at 11:46am on Apr 10 2019

I used Ann Baxter of Baxter Glass Art ( and she's AMAZING. She did two windows and a big door panel. She was featured on This Old House's Detroit edition. I highly recommend her personally.

at 6:22am on Jul 25 2019

I used Ann Baxter of Baxter Glass Art.

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