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Are there any contractors familiar with concrete removal and grate placement?

Asked by Grandmont Res at 11:50am on Apr 21 2016

When we moved into our house, the previous owners had a metal grate put down with atleast 2-3 inches of concrete surrounding it. The grate is located in our driveway and prevents us from driving into our driveway due to the concrete. We have glass block windows surrounding the lower part of the house and believe the grates were put there to prevent flooding. Not 100% sure. We need the grates to be flattened so that we are able to get in and out of our driveway with ease.


at 12:57pm on Apr 24 2016

Contact Ivan O'Neal of Porches R Us at 313-740-5134. For concrete issues he is a reliable resource.

at 7:18am on Dec 3 2016

I think you can contact for this work, as I have heard good things about them. You can get more references from your friends and family.

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