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Are propeties purchase through DLBA already been surveyed and abated for lead and asbestos?

Asked by Cary Junior at 3:29pm on Jul 9 2018


at 2:22pm on Jul 13 2018

The short answer is no. Homes purchased through Auction or Own It Now are purchased as-is, and the DLBA does not conduct lead or asbestos abatement. Auction sales do include a property condition report and estimated rehab cost, and the purchase agreements for all DLBA sales include the documented disclosure of lead-based paint. In addition, every closing packet includes guidance on how to handle any lead or asbestos present in the house before you begin rehab. The exception to this rule are move-in ready homes purchased through specific DLBA programs, namely NSP or Rehabbed & Ready. In these cases, DLBA conducted survey and abatement before renovations were completed. is the best place to go for more information.

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