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Anyone know of a design/build firm that can do roof structure repairs?

Asked by Anna Balzer at 1:13pm on Mar 21 2018

Hi Brick & Beam!

I bought an old farmhouse in Northwest Detroit that was built in 1914 on 7 Mile and Southfield, then picked up and moved to the Brightmoor neighborhood. It suffered a fire about 15 years ago and I've recently learned that I will have to replace the entire roof structure (not just the shingles) because of the damage.

Does anyone have a lead on a design/build firm that might be able to handle a project like this? The house has a hip roof with several dormers and a big, beautiful brick chimney that runs up the front of the house. I'd love to keep the historic shape of the roof, if possible, but also size it for solar panels and skylights to keep it relevant!

I'm open to any recommendations, advice, suggestions you've got! Thanks for your help!



at 6:43pm on Mar 22 2018

Johnny Knack did roof framing on a house of mine that had fire damage. Very experienced from Clio MI 810 686 6972 or 810 488 0172. It was an insurance job a few years ago.

at 6:55pm on Mar 22 2018

For a Detroit based carpenter you might want to try Kevin Hood 313 923-7263

at 12:52pm on Mar 23 2018

Thank you, George! I'll give them both a call!

at 7:09pm on Mar 23 2018

I would also try Glyndon McDaniel (he's in the contractor list under "roofing"). He's very experienced and I've personally used him with great satisfaction, but I'm not sure if this might be somewhat out of his scope. he would be able to say though. Also, maybe give Maxwell Construction a ring and see what their take is. They're not roofers but they are GCs and have worked on rehab projects that might entail a big element like this, and might have their own recommendations.

If you end up using someone not in our contractor list that you like, please come back and submit their name so others can benefit too!

Congrats on the house!

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