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Anyone know a good person/company for boiler maintenance/inspection?

Asked by Brad at 7:58pm on Mar 22 2018

Hello there, the steam boiler in our home is a big American Radiator Company built some time ago. I just got the asbestos removed off of it and have 2 things to get inspected. Anyone know of a good boiler expert around the Grosse Pointe Park area? Basically a functional inspection and any knowledge for repairs/replacement would be ideal. Thank you!


at 10:43am on Mar 23 2018

Good morning Brad! We would be very happy to assist you with all your boiler needs. We have been in business since 1949 and we specialize in boilers.

SUPREME Heating and Cooling
14641 E Warren Ave (between Alter and Chalmers)
Detroit 48215

We look forward to being of service to you!

at 7:02pm on Mar 23 2018

Yes to the above ^! Also take a look at the contractor list ("find a contractor" in the heading). There's a tag for "boilers" you can click on to see options, all of which have come through recommendations from the broader rehab/B+BD community. I have personally used Cregger Plumbing -- Derek specifically -- to service my old boiler.

at 11:07am on Mar 26 2018

Thanks for the info!

at 8:47pm on Mar 31 2018

I hunted around to find a partner to help me keep the hot water heating system in my 1910 home running well and after several less than positive experiences with other local contractors, I contacted Detroit Furnace who has an expert on staff (Ryan) with hot water heating systems. Detroit Furnace is my go-to partner for keeping the 100-year old system in my home working. Detroit Furnace (owner William Transit) (586) 944-9400. They also install and repair forced air and AC systems.

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