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Any cute ideas for separating merged front yard?

Asked by Misha Lj Stallworth at 12:35pm on Mar 24 2016

We're on a corner which means all the trash blows down the block and into our yard. I'm not concerned with dividing property lines from my neighbor, nor am i concerned with privacy only with creating something pretty that might filter some of the trash and make it easier to pick up.


at 1:11pm on Apr 1 2016

I haven't done this personally, so not sure if it's that helpful, but I've seen creative plantings work really well -- from shrubs to more natural taller grasses to just robust flowers. Sorry can't provide a more helpful answer!

at 5:44pm on Apr 1 2016

Shrubs are a wonderful, lowish maintenance way to add color, fragrance, and a bit of screening on your lot. Remember to call Miss Dig before doing anything significant (e.g. planting shrubs!). There might be some ideas for you within . There are so many options, it really depends on what you want. For example, want some winter flowers? Try witch hazel. The sweet smell of spring? Hello, lilac! Fall colors? Japanese meadowsweet! The list is long-- helps to know what you are excited about. For example, I am very interested in using plants to increase the sense of lighting and safety, and, for example, using more light-leaved and white flowers along lot edges, to enhance the power of the moon.

at 6:10am on Dec 30 2016

Recently one of my friends had done this. To be more professional he hired local contractors from, who helped him to get this work done completely without any problem.

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