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National Real Estate Insurance Group/ Affinity Group

Kansas City, MO
(888) 741-8454

Unfortunately, this is the ONLY INSURANCE COMPANY THAT WILL INSURE vacant properties in the City of Detroit (that I have found). When I first started renovating my house, I did a lot of research, and most "normal" insurance companies wouldn't even consider insuring my property. However, NREIG/ Affinity Group (not clear on their exact relationship) specializes in insuring vacant properties. And their rates are pretty reasonable. When I first got insurance on my property, it cost under $100 a month. Then, they increased their Detroit rates to more than $300 a month. I called to complain and I'm sure others did as well. My monthly rate now is under $200, and it seems well worth it because no one else will insure this rental property that I could find.

a chart NREIG sent me showing the difference between basic vs. special coverage

1st page of my policy from last year

2nd page of my policy from last year

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