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I have a historic home with 100 year old large front porch. When I purchased the home there was evidence of sloppy repairs made to the walls, the mortar under the floor tiles were eroding, and there were parts of the wall that were falling away. We met and he advised only rebuilding portions of the porch. He provided some new tile that exactly matched the tile we had and we also saved money by reusing most of my original tile. His team works very quickly so I recommend checking in they are there. Geno was very responsive, he always answered my calls and he was very reasonable with me when we ran into a surprise here and there. They left the site very clean afterwards. I'd recommend him to anyone looking for experienced masons, or if you need a project completed in a short amount of time. He cares about his reputation and I'd consider using his company in the future.

This was rebuilt using old and new brick.

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