Brick + Beam Detroit

1927 Tudor

House, 3,001-5,000 Square feet

We found our home through my former professor at the University of Cincinnati. He had grown up in this home in Detroit and his mother moved there in 1968. She raised 6 kids and eventually fell into bad health in about 2011. The home became vacant as she moved into assisted living. While it was vacant a water pipe burst on the 3rd floor and destroyed about 1/4 of the home over the course of 2-3weeks of water pouring in. 2 bathrooms, a bedroom, and the kitchen were all destroyed and had to be taken down to studs. The family didn't want to spend the money to fix it since they knew their mother would likely never be able to return, and many of the kids had moved out of Detroit and out of state. We bought the home from them because of its potential, its beautiful curved plaster ceilings, and the opportunity to make our own decisions about what we wanted. It was full of the previous owner's junk which we spent the next 2 weeks filling 4 30ft dumpsters with before we could even get started.


1. We re supported cracked and damaged joists and improved the structural integrity of the home.
2. We opened up walls and created new archways to match existing ones and change the layout of the home.
3. We removed carpet and wallpaper
4. We replaced plumbing
5. We installed AC

Our contractors Maxwell Construction did almost all of this work for us. We have only 6 months to get our home livable and they have been a godsend to us with our full time jobs.

we're still deep in our rehab process but people can follow it on

It took: we have roughly 6 months to make the home livable again and currently are about 2 months into the process

Cost: $100,000 or more

Recorded: January 2017

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