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Stopping the city from demolishing my building

Asked by David Henry King at 8:27pm on Apr 3 2018

I purchased a building (in decent structural shape, but definitely rough) with the intent of renovating it slowly, over time. However, unknown to me the building was on a list of properties that the city wanted to demolish.

I have had the property inspected and received a notice that the inspection revealed that it was 'secured and appears to be sound and repairable'

However, the city is now demanding that I finish the rehab within three months - something that's completely out of the realm of financial possibility.

Rather than get my building removed from the demolition list, I now seem to have a 'deferral', but this just seems to be a way for the city to force me to pay for permits I don't need in order to save my house. What can I do? Have other people in B&B had a similar issue with the city?


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